What our laundromats deliver

Clean. High Quality. Safe.

A/C and heating, for year-around comfort.
All our stores feature new, well-maintained, washer/extractors and the hottest dryers in the area.
Change Machines / Payment Kiosks
All stores have change machines to break your bills into quarters and kiosks that accept credit/debit/Apple Pay/Google Pay.
The Biggest Machines In The Area
We offer a variety of equipment sizes from double-load machines for smaller items such as baby clothes and personal items to the industry’s largest 10-load machines for larger items such as an entire house-holds laundry, comforters, blankets and sleeping bags.
Snack & Beverage Machines
Large variety of cold beverages and snacks to choose from.
Soap & Supplies
Forget your soap or laundry bag? We have a variety of products for purchase to accommodate your needs.


Why Choose Us?

Interested In visiting our laundromats?

Store Hours

Norwich: Open 24/7
New London: 6:00 am-10 pm
Jewett City: 5:00am-Midnight
Taftville: 5:00am-Midnight
Last Wash: 60 Min Before Closing Time